Attention Agents...Still wondering what really works? If fear, overwhelm and lack of reliable information are stopping you from becoming the agent you want to become...

...then it's time to become an AMBITIOUS AGENT RAINMAKER!



Pay attention. This is important if you don't want to

stay trapped in the feast or famine cycle.

Most real estate agents who dream of creating a lucrative career for themselves are faced with one major obstacle that always keeps that dream from becoming a reality...


What is it?


The traditional mindset.


If you feel like you're living deal to deal with no real control over your income or that you're constantly one step behind never catching up...


Always feeling like "there MUST be a better way that doesn't include working more hours"....


Then it's time to say goodbye to working the "traditional" way and instead embrace a smarter way to work your real estate business.


If this applies to you....



Don't Feel Bad..Because It's Not Your Fault

If you're like most real estate agents, then chances are, you have this traditional mindset...


It was drilled into you by your fellow agents or your school.


But that’s ok! It’s all that you knew... UNTIL NOW!


The old ways clearly aren't working anymore - it's time for a shift in thinking...


It's time to work SMARTER, not harder!

Mentorship Breaks the Cycle

allowing you to succeed...RAPIDLY

Finding stellar mentorship is the best way to get ahead in life.


It involves modeling what works and getting your questions answered quickly & efficiently.


Mentorship is your secret sauce to becoming a 6 or 7 figure real estate agent.


Part of working smarter and not harder is leveraging other peoples' specialist knowledge, eliminating the need to spend years acquiring it yourself.


Which is why we created...

The Ambitious Agent Mastermind

The Ambitious Agent Mastermind is different than any other real estate program out there. We don't dump a bunch of information on you or leave you with antiquated strategies that just don't work today. We teach you "What's Working Now" AND we're here with you every step of the way so you get the help you need when you need it!

“Marjorie is a ROCK STAR! I recently competed in a multiple offer situation... Marjorie's negotiation skills are on point -- In the end, we worked together to create a win-win!”

Shannon Hettinger

TTR Sotheby's

Let me show you what's waiting for you inside..

The Ambitious Agent Mastermind

  • Monthly LIVE, “Interactive” Video Conferences

    • Live "Interactive" Group Coaching
    • Got a challenge? Get a strategy!
    • Got a question? Get an answer!
  • LIVE AUDIENCE, “Strategy” Sessions

    • Discover "what's really working right now"!
    • Learn how to implement new strategies fast!
    • Leverage market-proven systems!
  • Monthly “Hot” Sheet

    • Get timely updates on "What's Working Now"
    • Model "successful" online and offline marketing
    • Contribute to our community...share your success stories with other "Ambitious" Agents

I've attended their trainings before and recommend you check them out!

Carlos Garcia

Best part? You can join now for just $1!

Try us out for full access for 30 days for $1 and then just $397/month after that. Cancel any time.

PLUS This Extra Goodie..

The Ambitious Agent Mastermind will completely transform the way you

approach your real estate career.

But that's only the beginning.


When you join The Ambitious Agent Mastermind, you also get this

HIGHLY VALUABLE BONUS to make your progress even faster and your success even easier.


These extra resources and bonus content will be invaluable on your real estate agent journey! 

BONUS: Ambitious Agent Blueprint

8 Day Online Master Course

Over 400 Ambitious Agents registered for this LIVE BROADCAST... It’s yours FREE once you join the “Ambitious Agent” Mastermind.

  • Module 1: Get Ready! 

    Who really wants to be a sales-person? Become an entrepreneur!

  • Module 2: Get Leads!

    Stop wasting your time and money...invest in proven marketing systems. 

  • Module 3: Get Meetings!

    The secret to only meeting with qualified buyers and motivated sellers!

  • Module 4: Get Help!

    How to keep your calendar from killing you!

[Their strategies]...are super easy to put in practice and get more listings!

Veronica Seva-Gonzalez

  • Monthly LIVE interactive video conferences

  • Live Audience Strategy Sessions

  • Monthly Hot Sheet

  • FREE BONUS: Ambitious Agent Blueprint

All this now for just:

Try us out for full access for 30 days for $1 and then just $397/month after that. Cancel any time.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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